Introduction to the scorecard.

The scorecard is the information that provides the statistics of the match. The scores in the match are recorded on the score card. The score in the cricket match involves two basic things that are the wicket dropped and the batting score.  All the scoring is done according to the cricket law. The umpire in the field observes about the score and make the decision of the situation and conveys a message to the control room where the scorecard is maintained. The scores have some score books which contains printed text and tables on which the score is written.

Early score keeping phenomenon.

In early times, the score was maintained by the stick and notches. The person maintained the score by carving the notches on the board or stick. Then, the time came when the score was maintained in paper containing the table with the batman’s run, wickets, overs. Now the modern technology has developed, all the data is kept on the computer. Advance software’s are developed on which score cards are prepared easily and simple to maintain the records.

Manual method of scoring

Live cricket scorecard in the form of the book is present in each game. Two scorers are involved for this purpose both from each team. The scorecard contains the batting score, no of overs, wickets, and a score of the first innings. Each scorer keeps the ball to ball record in his book and results are then compared at the end. Usually, there is no difference. The score is maintained not only in scorecard but also on scoreboard present on the ground for viewers.


Computerized scorecard

As the technology is getting advanced, the live cricket scorecard is maintained in the computers. Software developers has developed such an amazing software that maintain not only the score, overs and wicket records, but also define the average run rate going and required, the history of the player, match strategy and statistics that can help commentator to convey knowledge to the audience present in stadium as well as watching via Tv or listening to radio. Now mobile apps are also developed to maintain the score and produce the advance scorecard.


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Diagnosis of athlete’s foot:

Athlete’s foot is a common skin soreness of the toes and soles of the feet. A person who gets infected with athlete’s foot, the signs and symptoms will usually make it apparent. On occasion, a doctor may desire to regulate out other conditions, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, or an inferior skin infection. He checks the samples using the microscope. And after that, if fungi are detected, then there will anti-fungal medication be started. For clearing up the infected area, OTC medications are effective which can be bought from pharmacies.

Following are the “Home remedies for athlete’s foot” after diagnosis to employ some strategies on them.

Home remedies for athlete's foot

Home Remedies:

  1. Cornstarch:

It also helps dry up moisture. Take a pan and brown up some cornstarch in it. Spray a little amount on your feet every day for several weeks. Even if the fungus has been gone, it also helps to prevent it from coming back.

  1. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil comes to treating inflexible fungal infections, often just as effectual as current prescriptions. Be patient, though, because it will take a few weeks for the infection to completely fade away.

  1. Employ Bleach with water:

Soak your feet in a mixture of bleach and water for twenty minutes. Use this method every week to keep nails fungus free. Every treatment needs continuity.

  1. Wipe With Clorox:

 Bleach can be very helpful in killing bacteria, but it also produces harsh on the skin. Wash your feet with a cloth dampened with Clorox to take advantage of its bacteria-killing properties.

  1. Immune Boosting Vitamins:

 You have to eat immune boosting food to reduce the chances of infection. When you have weak immune system, bacteria could attack immediately.

Top 10 Home Remedies

  1. Utilize Plain yogurt:

Plain yogurt is an incredible solution for fungus. It contains live acidophilus that cures the infected area.

How to prevent athlete’s foot:

Now there is a question raises, how to prevent Athlete’s foot fungus before it attacks on feet? The secret is always to have clean and dry feet, shoes, and socks. Here are some “Home remedies for athlete’s foot “or tips followed by experts to include on a regular basis.

Physicians advise the following:

  • Always Wash your feet especially between the toes, twice a day with water and soap.
  • For keeping feet dry, apply any antifungal talcum powder.
  • Walk around barefoot as much as possible at home.
  • As soon as exercise or sports have been ended, remove shoes immediately.
  • Always bought the best material for shoes such as leather or canvas.
  • Before putting on socks, stockings make sure that feet are particularly dry.
  • Wear socks made from the material such as cotton, wool, or silk.
  • Wear pool slippers whenever you walk around public swimming pools and shower areas.
  • Change shoes regularly.
  • Give a specific time to Shoes to dry out, so that footwear is fairly dry.
  • Do not share footwear with others.
  • Wash bed sheets and towels frequently.

With the advent of technology and online payments, the dish TV customers are at ease. If you are one of the dish TV customers, then you will not face any problem in recharging it now. You can use several means to recharge such as online payments via debit or credit cards. You can also make the payment via ATM or bank transfers. With such ease recharging is not a problem and also the company will activate it within a few minutes. For the better services, you can perform dish TV recharge Oman. Once you recharge you can get access to all your favorite TV channels.

How to Dish TV recharge Oman

To recharge the dish TV package you need some information. For example, if you already have an offer then you need to put in the TV VC number to recharge it. You will also need to provide information about the method of payment. When you go online you will see that making payment is easy. You can now pay the dish TV bills at any time you want. With the online availability of recharge facility, now you can recharge 24/7. There are many dish TV services that also provide the status tracking services. With such services you can know when your dish TV offer is about to expire.


Dish TV recharge Oman before it expires

With the status tracking services you can prevent the hassle of waiting. You can know the time of expiration. You can recharge the dish TV before the date of expiration. It will give you instant services without any delay. Another aspect of recharging the dish TV is that you can also select a new package if you like. This way when your previous offer expires, it will automatically convert to the new offer. For example, if you had a sports dish TV package with the new recharge you can select the entertainment package. Also, you can visit the site and get the latest information about the dish TV offers in Oman and also recharge facilities in Oman.

Using the internet you can pay the bills and recharge your dish TV offer in Oman from anywhere in the world. For example, if you are out of the country and the offer expires. All you need is to log on to the dish TV recharge Oman website and make the payment from anywhere in the world.

Things You Won’t Like About Best Travel Camera  under A17 $ 500 and Things You Will

The camera lets you be anywhere and continue to be able to find out what’s happening at home. It’s far better to purchase a costlier, pricier camera as you won’t need to upgrade the camera as much. Should you be trying to find a superior 20X optical zoom camera then Panasonic Lumix ZS20 is quite a decent alternative.

The camera under $100 was created to take top quality video footage in any sort of situation. You may get your own canon g9x Camera easily in many internet stores and they’re extremely durable and strong devices. You can even add as many as five best digital cameras under $300 into the master system to receive extra protection. A couple of years before, underwater cameras were rather pricey but these days, nearly every scuba diver can afford a Scuba Diving Camera. CompatibilityThe new best cameras under $300 have the capability to crop their image.


Introducing Best Travel Camera  under A17 $ 500

The best point and shoot under $300 comes with a Wi-Fi connection which allows pictures to be instantly uploaded to an intelligent phone that makes them simple to put onto social networks. Every digital camera has an internal memory chip but if you’re a person who takes a lot of pictures, it’s an excellent idea to buy a removable memory chip that’s very effective and can hold until the quantity of mirrorless cameras comparison in your camera. There are many different Nikon Coolpix digital cameras to pick from. You’re able to receive a really good camcorder these days for $2000-$5000. Whichever way you choose to buy your HD camcorder, you most likely want to find the best-selling and highest-rated camera possible. The reason why that all these individuals enjoy this best camera for under $300 is the fact that it helps the user to use the screen in any direction which they want to find the images which they are capturing. It is also possible to establish a spy video camera to observe your kids play in the backyard for this feeling of extra additional safety.

A Secret Weapon for Best Travel Camera  under A17 $ 500

You don’t require an expert to prepare the camera. Additionally, digital cameras are getting more affordable because of the demand in their opinion. The most recent digital cameras available on the market are perfect for just about anyone from the beginner to the expert person that is searching for something which will work with them.

Their cameras are famous for reliability and the amazing images they produce. There’s no other sort of camera such as this one on the industry. This camera includes several lens options that’s going to provide the person the precise look which they’re in need of, regardless of what they are taking photos of. It is one of the smallest, professional-quality cameras available on the market. Every digital camera utilizes different sorts of files and JPEG is easily the most popular. Finding the most effective waterproof digital cameras can be a bit tricky nowadays.

The cameras wouldn’t be able to manage the vibrations of lots of those activities and any underwater footage would be near impossible unless you used an extremely pricey and big camera. This camera comes with a distinctive motor named VCM (Voice Coil motor). You may submerge this digital camera till a depth of till ten feet. Most submergible digital cameras don’t permit this handy component which makes operating them frustrating occasionally.


All of us admire clear and white skin tone. Your skin can become dull & dark due to many factors such as stress, medical conditions, environmental pollution, and sun exposure or due to poor lifestyle. In the market, you will find dozens of creams or lotions which are specifically sold for the purpose of skin lightening. Fair or flawless skin is a requirement for everyone and in order to achieve it, you can go for skin whitening treatment.

Some home remedies for skin whitening-

At homes, you can try out lemon juice for getting your skin tone fairer. It is beneficial for both faces as well as for the body. Firstly, prepare a mixture of lemon juice with water. You can directly apply such mixture with a cotton ball on your face. It can be left for fifteen to twenty minutes and then you can wipe out the face with water. Afterward apply face moisturizer evenly in an upward direction from soft hands. It will give your face a light tone plus perfect skin glow.


Another home remedy which can be tried out at your homes includes toner made from tomatoes. Tomato acts as a whitening agent on the face and other body parts. You can mash one or two tomatoes and firmly remove all its seed. Add fresh curd into it and mix it well. You can apply such face pack and can leave it for drying. When it gets completely dried up, wash the face with water or remove it by using cotton balls. Since tomato is quite acidic in nature, therefore, it helps in whitening of darker skin tone furthermore, removes all a visible pimple or dark spots.

Mostly, people make use of orange for getting fairer looking skin tone. Since this fruit is rich in vitamin C which is also good for your health, therefore, you can use it as a natural bleaching agent. Orange peel can be ground into a fine powder as well. You can also add a little bit of honey along with water drops. Prepare a thick paste which can be evenly applied on face and neck area. For glowing complexion, you can apply such face pack regularly.

Skin whitening treatment-Artificial mode

Bleaching products & face whitening creams can give you fairer and glowing complexion. You can select one of such product which has effective ingredients blends. Mainly, you can enquire the presence of kojic acid in skin soaps and creams.

Multiple ranges of skin cream are available in the market which guarantees UV protection. Revitol face Brightening cream ensures people with young, smooth and vibrant skin tone. Its results are visible in few days in regular use. It is perfect for healthy skin and gives you maximum protection from harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. It can be applied on the face twice a day for better results. Till now, no side-effects have been seen or reported by its users. You can make a quick order of this face cream via online mode and can grab the attractive offer of the free tube on the purchase of one.

A desert safari trip has three kinds, the morning safari, the evening safari, and the overnight desert safari which is like the combination of the morning and evening one. Desert safari trips in the country of Dubai are being demanded by various people from different parts of the world. There are different packages for the safari trips. For this particular article, we will be discussing the luxury overnight desert safari trip, mainly its perks, benefits, or advantages.

For the luxury overnight safari trip, you will be able to experience activities  normally enjoyed in a regular overnight safari tour such as quad biking, sand skiing, camel riding, desert photography, sand boarding, dune bashing, dune driving, and an unlimited supply of refreshments on a Bedouin style of camp. To optimize their desert safari experience, people often upgrade their safari package by choosing the luxury package. For this reason, they maximize the relaxation and fun they experience during the entire tour.


If you book a luxury overnight desert safari, you will be able to choose from a lot of different choices and the kinds of desert safari activities you will experience will become more flexible. For example, you will be able to have your own suggestions to the driver of the land cruiser as to how he must drive the vehicle on the sand dunes. You can either suggest him to go more extreme in driving or more delicate in driving. In addition, you will be having a great assistance from your tour guide. He will be very friendly and professional to you. Not only will you be assisted by him throughout your entire trip but you will also be having the opportunity to know more about the country and culture of Dubai by asking him about different things.

Furthermore, the kind of vehicle that will be used for your luxury overnight safari will be a special type of land cruiser that allows a safer travel on the sand dunes. It is also equipped with the right gears and materials needed to maximize your safety during activities like dune bashing.

Now, you know what a luxurious overnight desert safari Dubai is. If you have the budget, then it is recommended for you to book this kind of package so that you will have the best overnight desert safari experience.

Are you very frustrated and annoyed of your slow internet connection speed? Are you not satisfied with your internet connection speed especially due to it being expensive? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then you should really test your internet connection speed and determine if what you are getting is really what you paid for. You can use the tool called charter speed test to have an accurate measure of your internet connection speed. In testing for the speed, you should keep in mind three basic terms. These terms are download speed, the upload speed, and ping.

Download Speed

The download speed refers to the speed of how fast you can transfer the files from the internet into your computer. If you regularly download files like movies, television series, and other large files, then you should pay your attention to this speed. You should also look up for the download speed if you regularly stream videos online.

If the test result for the download speed indicates a speed of less than 10mbps, then you should consider improving your internet connection to be able to download files in just a short amount of time or continuously stream videos online.

charter speed test

Upload Speed

The opposite of the download speed is the upload speed. It indicates how fast you can transfer the files from your computer into the internet. Generally, the upload speed is much lower than the download speed since people tend to download files than upload them. So do not be surprised if the upload speed of the test result is much lower than the download speed.

Ping Value

The ping value is also another important term when it comes to testing the speed of your internet connection. If your ping value is below 50ms, then your internet connection speed is strong enough to allow you to smoothly stream videos, download files faster, and upload files faster. If your ping value is between 50ms to 100ms, then your internet connection speed is just stable enough for you to do casual online gaming. If your ping value is 250ms, then your internet connection speed is just enough for casual online activities like checking the mail and sending messages to other people. However, if your ping value is between 500ms and 1000ms, then your internet connection is really slow.

After determining these three values using the speed test tool, you should compare them to what your ISP has promised you. You should then do some proper actions if you think that you do not deserve the speeds that you are getting. Do this by coordinating with your ISP.


virus removal melbourne

One amongst the many common problems which are encountered by computer users is the viruses and malware infestations. Though there may be problems developed in the hardware and software over time, most of computer issues are because of unintentionally letting malicious programs to enter computers and laptops. Even though it is possible that viruses are kept at bay with the help of security software, it may sometimes be necessary to contact laptop virus removal Melbourne experts for getting rid of the issues that you may be facing.

But how can one know that their laptop is infected by the viruses. Well, there are certain signs that show virus infections in computers and laptops. For instance, if you notice that your laptop isn’t running at its optimum speed or that it is doing a few odd things, you can be facing a virus infection. Most of the malware infections don’t get obvious immediately and, therefore, it becomes hard for you to find them. Sometimes, people simply assume that the only issue is that their machine has gotten older but usually the problem is something else. Besides slow running laptops, the virus infections may lead to appearance of pop-ups every now and then. There may also be changes sudden change of background and other similar issues that are a result of viruses infecting the laptops.

Mostly, different off-the-shelf security programs can detect and simply remove these viruses but there are some exceptions as well. Some more sophisticated viruses and malicious software may require you to hire expert laptop virus removal Melbourne in order to get rid of these. These experts and professionals have paid versions of most sophisticated antivirus software with most updated virus definitions which can help in effectively removing all viruses, spyware, malware and Trojans from your laptop and will make your laptop as good as new.

We all own automobiles and, as advised by the expert while buying the vehicle, we go for regular servicing time and again. Even if not advised, we would ourselves go and get the servicing for better performance and take necessary prevention measures. Well, there is nothing wrong in doing that. But how many times have we gone to give our laptops and personal computers for servicing without any issues. Maybe never! Why? Aren’t they machines? Don’t they deteriorate in performance? Well they do. Like automobiles, these electronic devices also function as machines and need regular servicing.

Computers run on an average for 4-5 hours a day in working environment. Too much of heat is produced by the processors and the screen during such long working hours. Over a course of time, this continuous heat could affect small components around. Although, fans are provided for cooling, but as the structure is compact and compressed, one cannot be sure of proper ventilation. Also, dust keeps on accumulating on various intricate and small components inside. As time passes, the dust layer could become thick and start affecting the performance of the device.


Continuous working can also result in normal wearing of few hardware components and this can affect the overall performance. There are possibilities of malfunctioning of any of the components which will in turn affect the device. Due to so many possible issues, it is always better to get the computer serviced regularly to prevent any sort of disturbance in its performance. Such services are provided by many IT support providers like laptop repair London. Such centers also help in laptop data recovery, hardware repair, screen repair, IT consultancy and would offer any other help that you might need for your laptop. Take care of your laptop like you do for your body and your automobile!